Our goal is to raise sound, tough, intelligent and versatile horses without neglecting arabian type.

Our Arabians are expected to not only look pretty but also be able to do some work on a large dairy farm.

That's hat we had in mind when we purchased our original stallion Rolo Kamil.

The success in endurance rides started much later when I took one of my horses to our first ride

 Now he has 2000+ miles and a couple of Tevis Cup finishes. Click here to look up his ongoing endurance career.

Our horses are born and raised on large pastures where they live together in a big herd. This is the natural way for horses to grow up and it helps to develop everything from tough feet to normal "social" behavior. 


Chestnut Gelding Rain or shine these mares live like wild horses and as you can see they are doing pretty good on their pasture.

 breeding season I turn my stallions out with them...

These horse run every day from day they are born. I believe this is essential for developing strong bones and feet.
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