Little Kamil Star

Chestnut Gelding, foaled May 1997, 15h. AHA # 570684.

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Little Kamil Star is an extremely accomplished horse with about 2,500 endurance miles.

He placed in the top ten in over 70% of the rides he started and won a total of 20 rides!

His 2006 season even tops the success of previous seasons with 6 firsts in 50 mile rides (more than any other horse in our region!) and 4 BC awards - that's number 1 again for the Central Region.


He has a huge trot, amazing recoveries and loves going out on trail.

He is so fine tuned that you just need to look into a certain direction and he will follow it.

There is virtually nothing which can keep that horse from doing his job:

He jumps anything in his way; has proven to be very surefooted in mud or on rocks and almost seems to be able to follow the ribbons by himself now.


This is a horse for a serious competitor with international ambitions.



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