All around superb endurance prospect, who just finished his first 100 mile ride at the Jo Tate Memorial 100 in Missouri this weekend in only 11.30h!

K-Moon is a 6 year old bay gelding from the proven endurance lines of Deal Arabians. Same breeder and closely related to winning endurance horses Little Kamil Star, Kamil Star, Pete, K-One and Deals Cross.

K-Moon has had a lot of trail riding experience, including a summer in the Colorado Rockies, but this latest success has exceeded all our expectations because the 100 miler was only his 4th endurance ride.

He finished it with just one “B” on his Vetcard all day long! (gut sound at mile 80)

He naturally has a great heart rate and a big fluid stride, which allows him to travel at 15mph and a working heart rate of only about 125 beats/min (timed with GPS and heart rate monitor!)

His first 25 mile ride was designed to teach him to camp, pace himself, and eat and drink on trail regardless of what other horses do. And despite the fact that he was still a stallion at the time, he learned the game of endurance riding so quickly that he could travel beside a mare on his second ride without ever making a noise or missing a chance to eat and drink.  

He came in at an effortless 4th place out of 70 riders on his second ride.

His 3rd ride and first 50 was the Hog Scramble 55mile ride and even though he was just supposed to finish it, along with another one of Deal Arabian’s horses on his first 50, they both managed to finish in the top ten.

And that was all the training he had before his track record breaking 100 mile ride at the Jo Tate Memorial this weekend.

But his athletic abilities are only a part of what makes him such a good endurance horse:

He is also a very friendly horse, with a trusting and patient attitude towards his riders.

I have had little kids riding him bareback when he was still a stallion and he has saved my butt in a couple of bad situations on some tough mountain trails in Colorado.

He has a great conformation for an endurance horse with a powerful back end, a short back, a huge girth, big cannon bones, excellent feet and a great mind.

K-Moon is a quality bred horse with triple *Bask and one line to Huckleberry Bey in his pedigree.

He is very well trained, smooth as silk(!) and happy and confident on trail.

He never misses a chance to eat or drink on trail, regardless of being alone or with other horses.

He has no bad habits. Whether it’s for a beginner or an ambitious endurance rider, this horse is as close to perfect as it gets.



Check his ride results.





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